Get A Good Credit Score

How Do I Get The Perfect Credit Score?

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So you’ve found the home of your dreams. That’s awesome! Now it’s time to work on financing it. You’ll have to build a loving relationship with a bank and like any other relationship, it has to be built on trust. It’s the best way to get them to help you pay for your new home!

But how do you build a relationship with a bank? By impressing them with your awesome-possum credit report score, of course!

There are two types of credit reports:

  • CCRIS which stands for Central Credit Reference Information System and  is managed by Bank Negara
  • CTOS is a private company and one of Malaysia’s leading Credit Reporting Agency (CRA).

Both CCRIS and CTOS provide credit reporting and are widely used by financial institutions to determine your financial ability to take on a loan based on your income and commitment. They show all the debt you have.

Banks want a look at your CCRIS and CTOS credit report because they will check your track record of whether you pay your existing loans on time. That way, they know you’ll be loyal when you start a relationship together and behave when they lend you money. ;)

Your credit report will include important information like:

  • Your credit history: This helps a bank determine if you are eligible for a credit card or a loan.
  • Your repayment history (I hope you’ve been on time!), outstanding debt, bankruptcy status, and other non-banking or legal related information.
  • Your credit score: A three-digit number typically between 300 and 850. The lower your score, the better it is.

You may wonder, how can I make sure that I have a good credit score? Is it achievable? The answer is yes! Getting a great credit score is definitely is achievable so don't you worry. Your girl, aka me, Myra, has got your back. Just give this blog post that's all about how you can land your credit report's CGPA a read!

As for your credit report and where you can get them, you can head to Bank Negara to get your CCRIS report completely free of charge - all you need is your MYKAD! Developers and banks can do it for you too but do take note that it’s meant to be private so you’ll need to give consent before someone else can check it for you.

When you visit any of my sales galleries, my team will offer you a free credit check via CTOS and will help you with any financial advice you need. So don't be shy, ask away!

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