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Terms & Conditions Apply.

Myra Sama-Sama

Terms & Condition

  • 1) All existing Myra Owners is allowed to participate in this campaign effective from 15th August 2023.

  • 2) Applicable to leads referred by existing Myra Owner to our internal sales team only.

  • 3) Any referral of leads to an agent or external party is not eligible for this campaign.

  • 4) 1% referral fee is calculated based on the Nett Price of the Property purchased by the Referree.

  • 5) The referee has to register their interest on this referral page.

  • 6) Any other page/medium will not be accepted for the referral program.

  • 7) Referral Fees are payable upon the following conditions are met:

    • a. SPA signed and stamped; and

    • b. Settlement of stage 2a billing or first drawdown whichever is earlier.

  • 8) Not applicable to RSKU and PPAM Projects.