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Size does matter

The kids need room to grow.
And would parents or relatives need a room?
These things need consideration!

Location, location, location!

Think about Time Vs. Distance. Hate jams?
Then public transport is a must!
Planning on kids? Then it's schools and clinics. What's nearby is important!

How much should you commit?

Myra's Golden 40% Rule

If Income = RM5000, then Installment = RM2,000.
(That's about a 400K Home! RM500/month for every RM100,000)

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Dream home found. Lock it down!

A booking fee will be asked to reserve your unit. This ranges from RM 500 to 5% of the purchase price.
Don't forget to check if it's refundable!

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The Journey

Pt. 1: The Basics of Homebuying

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What did you score?

To get a loan, you'll need a credit check, a "report card" that banks will use to check on your $$$ history.
You will need a good 10-12 month record to improve your loan approval.

Psst, Myra does CTOS checks for free!

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Your Handy-Dandy Loan Checklist

Here's a list of documents you'll need. It may differ! Depends if you're employed or self-employed:

  • Payslip (3 months)
  • EPF Statement
  • Income tax statement
  • Bank Statement (3 months)
  • Employment confirmation letter
Rejection Hurts

Poor financial record and DSR cause loan rejection. Each rejection hurts your credit profile (and feelings) and lowers the next bank's confidence. Sometimes it's better to wait!

Found your bank "Jodoh" ?

It's time to shop! If your credit score is high, negotiate!
Always research, compare offers and stick to your budget!

More on home loans here.

Please take advantage

Did you know 65% of Malaysians aren't aware of homebuyer initiatives available to them?

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The Journey

Pt. 2: All About The Process

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Lawyer Up!

Your lawyer will help to make sure that everything is in order as per what you've agreed on.

Better safe than sorry

Insurance for your home is a must! It's to absorb the loan in the event of a death or permanent disability.

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Let's sum things up

A differential sum is the balance of your home's purchase price from the loan amount.

I'll show you how it's calculated here!

Let's shake on it

The Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) is a contract between you and the developer.

It's to protect you!

Find out why here.

Sign on the dotted line

It's time to make things official and sign the loan agreement!
Remember to run through the T&Cs very closely.

Don't forget your duty

Stamp Duty is a tax on 3 legal documents for the sale or transfer of your property!

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The Journey

Pt. 3: Wrapping Up Your Purchase

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Construction underway

With every milestone that's completed, a fee called "progressive interest" will be charged.

Learn more about progressive billing here!

It's time to CCC

To ensure that your home is fit for occupation, the officials will need to certify your home with the
Certificate of Completion & Compliance (CCC)!

The last hurdle

You'll need to settle a few payments called the "Buyer’s Portion".
This will differ under a Strata or Individual Land Title.

More about it here!

It's time for VP and to get your key

Congrats, new homeowner. It's Vacant Possession time! This step is when you collect your key and have got to really pay attention.

Read more about it.

Complete Journey

The Journey

Pt. 4: The Last Hurdle

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The Journey

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