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You’re on a quest to find the home of your dreams and we’ve got to say, you’ve come to the right place. Your girl, Myra- the property developer is here to help you with all things on homeownership!

So explore a little more and find out what it takes to


Dating with Myra

Set a 1-on-1 date with Myra to address any homeownership queries you may have!


Explore Myra’s Super Calculator

Find out how the banks see your financial standing with Myra’s free homebuying calculator!

Homebuying shouldn't be like the sticky stories we've been hearing from the young and old. So Myra wants to be The One who will teach you everything there is to know about homeownership!

So here's how we did it.

4-Step Journey

I'll tell you everything

Every bit of pre-purchase information before you make that big decision of your chosen home!

From how to woo the banks

All about your finances and the things you need to pay for.

To the legal things and the wait

You'll know what you're signing up for - with regular updates!

and the day you get your home

My handy-dandy guides will teach you what you need to do when you get your brand new house!

Check out what
Myra has been up to!

Myra's Homebuying Hub

Calling all of Myra's Homebuyers! Here's where you can access your digital vault and know every detail about your Myra-home.

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Myra's Library

A place where all homeownership secrets from Step 1 to Step 4 can be found!

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