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Myra’s 4 Steps

Step 1 : Find Your Dream Home

  • Research key areas: Size, Community, Amenities, Location, and Price
  • Estimate your affordability with Myra's Golden Rule
  • Keep monthly installment below 40% of your net income
  • Choose a home that suits your lifestyle and budget
  • Key Takeaway :

    Discover your perfect match! Research 5 Key Areas : Size, Community, Amenities, Location, Price. Use Myra's Golden Rule for affordability!

    Step 2 : Get a Loan

  • Identify the right loan for you: Bank Loan, Staff Loan or Government Loan
  • Lenders look at Debt Service Ratio and Credit Score
  • High DSR means you can't afford new commitment, while Low Credit Score means you've not repaid debts
  • Choose a loan that you can comfortably afford
  • Key Takeaway :

    Find the perfect loan by identifying your options, checking your DSR & Credit Score, and finally choosing a budget-friendly loan


    Step 3 : Sign Important Stuff

  • Understand contents before signing
  • Get help from panel lawyer provided by developer, or your own lawyer
  • Be aware of "hidden costs" like Stamp Duty, Legal Fees, and Progressive Interests
  • Know your legal rights and responsibilities
  • Key Takeaway :

    Say yes with confidence by understanding what you're signing, getting expert help, staying on top of your "Hidden Costs", and knowing your rights!


    Step 4 : Get Home

  • Keys are given during Vacant Possession once CCC is issued and VP notice is sent out
  • Clear all outstanding payments before getting keys
  • Inspect your home, take pictures, and ask questions
  • Take note of Defect Liability Period and the clauses attached
  • Key Takeaway :

    Unlock your dream home! Pay upfront costs, inspect your home, ask questions, know your legal rights & responsibilities!



    You’ve reached the end of Myra’s 4 Step Journey!

    Now that you know the basics, do you want to dive into Myra’s detailed cheat sheet on homebuying?

    Estimated reading time : 7 minutes